Administration and property management

- Drafting the co-ownership administrative regulation or management of the building common areas
- Producing the general Guidelines of the estate complex with its defined organization, including all the details on the co-owner/lease holder companies and lessees/tenants, the technical information of the estate and the suppliers.
- Planning the advertisement and promotional initiatives of the shopping centers and retail parks.
- Calculating estimate and final budgets
- Organizing the meetings with the business or condo owners in the estate complex
- Preparing and signing subcontracts
- Administrative management of the invoices and potential profits (other than the installments)
- Tax obligations

We supervise our Customer’s project in every step of his idea till it reaches its full execution, but we also keep taking care of managing his business or property afterwards.
Our in-house Technical Office guarantees high-skilled tender outsourcing to third parties and prompt intervention when needed; the support of our Legal Office — also in-house — helps us face with expertise and ease any legal issue coming up, a phenomenon which is more and more frequent in managing real estate properties.    

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