Project management

- Evaluation of real-estate investments
- Preparation of feasibility studies and budgets
- Planning development of building, plant engineering and energy
- Marketing and pilotage

With the object of a preliminary evaluation of the investment opportunities, C.S. Azienda provides analysis, feasibility studies and budgets regarding medium and large-sized real estate settlements in the retail, leisure and hotel fields, basin studies and reports featuring initiatives’ presentations.
C.S. Azienda’s activity also spans to the engineering, building and plant-engineering areas, as well as to the investigation and application of renewable energies. We also propose merchandising plans and work out the lay-out of the center or shopping mall, by suggesting proper marketing complementariness and ideal dimensioning of the estate units.

With our job, we crucially support the commercialization of retail settlements, by guaranteeing a nonstop updated feedback on the status of authorizations issuance.

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