Cornedo Vicentino (Vicenza) – Via Pigafetta 42

Ipertosano is owned by Supermercati Tosano Cerea Srl, a company which is renowned for featuring highly attractive points of sales thanks to their competitive prices and wide area available.
The issuance of the retail sale license was commissioned in 2007 to C.S. Azienda, which succeeded in obtaining a first-instance permit for a large-sized sale complex of 4,000 sq. m. for which they had applied at the beginning of 2008 to the Regional Services Commission Meeting. Several negotiations followed up with the aim of obtaining a wider area for the commercial food section in preference to the non-food sector.
The point of sale was opened on June 24, 2010, with a food section sale area covering 2,250 sq. m. The final goal to expand the food section sale area to 2,711 sq. m. was fulfilled after the related application was submitted in July 2011 and accepted in the Regional Services Commission Meeting held in November.  

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