Zero Center

"Zero Center" Shopping Center, via Treviso 19 – Zero Branco (TV)

Hosted in a brand-new building opened on April 14, 2011, the retail park will reach a total 23,696 sq. m. area as soon as the works on the second section are over. The Center currently includes Spak Market (food), Il Tulipano (hygiene and beauty), Quello Giusto (shoes), Center Casa (household objects, gardening, toys and bricolage), Black & White (woman apparel and accessories), Donna Più (costume jewellery), Quality Services (dry-cleaning), Happy Hour (bar), Pizz..a..pezzi (take-away pizza-shop). At the end of May hair-stylist Salone Orient opened up their salon. November 2011 also featured the opening of clothing store Bernardi Abbigliamento, Vistaexpert (optician), “Bamboo” sushi-wok restaurant, ice-cream/confectioner’s shop “Non solo gelato”, an amusement arcade and of “Zero in condotta” clothing store for kids.





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