Coin-Oviesse Group

The Group is the most important Italian wholesaler trading clothes, accessories, and household objects, boasts a widespread retail network all over Italy, and is planning to expand abroad too.  
Apart from selling renowned national and international brands, Coin centers also retail house-made brands such as JCT, Luca d'Altieri, Koan, Twiddy, Melina and Coincasa, which are exclusively created for Coin by international designers. The Group has been collaborating for a few years now with Italian stylist Elio Fiorucci, who is the creator of the “Baby Angel” collection.  
Coin Group works with the two traditional brands Coin and OVS Industry (originally Oviesse), together with the newly-acquired third brand, Young Village.
Recently renamed OVS Industry, Oviesse brand is leader in the Italian fast fashion clothing market, and features a retail net which features 300 shops in Italy and abroad.
From several years now Coin Group has been supporting a massive expansion policy both abroad and in Italy, and has also revamped purchased brands and widened the offer available in its retail stores.

Making the difference